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3/16" 2-Sided Self-Adhesive Biodegradable Foam Board

 3/16" 2-Sided Self-Adhesive Biodegradable Foam Board

This board has a BIODEGRADABLE foam center, with 15% Recycled content and is formulated with "Bio Resins". These Bio Resins cause the discarded foamboard to degrade in landfills once the foam is exposed to a bacteria rich environment. Only an environmentally harmless biomass compost remains after decomposition, within 5 years.

Self Adhesive Biodegradable foamboard is faced with bright white paper liners manufactured with wood products sources from Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) certified forests.

Self-Adhesive Biodegradable Foam Board is the perfect choice when cold mounting photos and artwork on to foam board. This foam board features acid-free adhesive and is chemically inert. This foam board can be supplied as 1 or 2 sided pressure sensitive.

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