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Big Blue 28" Straight Edge

Big Blue 28" Straight Edge

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The "Big Blue" 28" Safety Ruler and straight-edge has easy to read markings. The Big Blue safety ruler comnes with a non-slip grip tape to prevent unwanted movement. It is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum, with a blue anodized finish that leaves no finger prints. The curved finger guard and non-slip serration make this a great ruler and straight-edge for any application!

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1" Center Find Tape Measure

1" Center Find Tape Measure

Just measure the length. Find that same number on the bottom scale and that is the center of your measured distance. 1" x 25'

Price: $15.50

Spray Adhesive - 1 Can

Spray Adhesive - 1 Can

This Spray Adhesive is the perfect choice for mounting photos and artwork to your foam board. Great for home projects! 1 can. One can will cover approx. 220 sq. ft.

Price: $18.35

Foam Hanger (12 pcs.)

Foam Hanger (12 pcs.)

The Universal Foam Hanger sawtooth design clips into the back of your foamboard giving you a point to wall mount. 1 dozen per carton. Not for use with rigid PVC Foam

Price: $5.95

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